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The Game Day Sandwich Poll is where you can let everyone know what your favorite sandwich for the big day is, (or was), depending on when you take the poll. I've always wanted to know what others like to eat on specific events. And Game Day is no exception.

So come on and make your mark. Join others in deciding what the most popular Game Day sandwich happens to be once and for all. After you take the poll, you'll be taken to a page to see the final results.

My Favorite Game Day Sandwich is...

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Is your vote in? Have you seen the results? We'll be adding a graph with the results as they come in, so bookmark this page or add us to your RSS feed to know when we're updated.

I for one would like to know which sandwich is most popular on Game Day. If it's not one on the list, what are the other possibilities. Could be tacos or burritos, wraps or something entirely different. My guess would be hamburgers, but you never know.

So, if you haven't taken the poll already, scroll back up and do it now. The more who take it, the better the results. Send your family, friends, and all those party goers to this page to take the poll. You can even have a contest to see who guessed the most popular sandwich for the day.

And then visit the Pic-A-Sandwich-Poll to take more polls and surveys. Here are just a few:

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Try one (they will each open in a new window), then come back for more.

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