Vegetarian Sandwiches

Some may think that vegetarian sandwiches leave you unsatisfied. Well that's not the case. If you are a vegetarian or vegan, you know that sandwiches without meat can be created from just about anything.

Not just vegetables

Our family eats vegetarian meals often, though we don't claim to eat only vegetables. Our oldest daughter followed this way of eating for several years before adding meat back into her diet.

We eat this way, meaning non-meat meals more or less to give our digestive systems a rest. As a result we've added several sandwiches to our favorite list of meals.

Vegetarian Sandwiches Courtesy of Headsclouds

What could possibly make a sandwich delicious and filling with no meat? Well we have a few recipes that might make you rethink the whole idea of only meat, fish, or poultry type sandwiches.

Where the recipes came from

Before we get to the list, however, let's talk about how we arrived at some of these veggie sandwiches. A few of them came from our oldest daughter, who ate this way for about three years.

A few of them came from just experimenting with ingredients like potatoes or thick stews and rice. They sort of evolved from what we were eating that day.

I'm sure if you are a practicing vegetarian, you have come up with many more than we have below. So be sure and contact us to add them to our list.

And now for the list. It's a short one for now, but we will add to it as we come up with more. Or as we get suggestions from you.

The List

  • potato sandwiches
  • mushroom sandwiches
  • barbecued onion sandwiches
  • roasted veggie sandwiches
  • hummus sandwiches
  • salad sandwiches
  • nut butter sandwiches
  • vegetable sandwiches

More veggie sandwiches

New York Goodwich
Grilled Cheese Sandwich

Don't forget the delicious dessert sandwiches. Most of them have no meat at all. They mostly fall into the sweet category. But hey, you only live once. You can find them here.

What's Your Best Vegetarian Sandwich Recipe?

What's your Best Vegetarian Sandwich Recipe? You share it. Our visitors will try it. We'll rate it to see who's recipe is best!

Go ahead and wow us. The best will rise to the top!

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