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Here are some fun sandwich videos we thought you'd like. The first one is the reason we named our site Sandwiches Again? It's from an old 70's commercial. A bit corny we know, but we think it's funny - (well maybe not the commercial).

We just get a kick out of saying it whenever we have sandwiches for dinner..., or lunch..., or whenever. Anyway enjoy the videos. Pretty soon we'll have a place for you to add your own.

For now, if you know of a fun video we should add, just contact us here with a link, and we'll add it here. If you made it, all the better. We'll be sure and give you credit.

Sandwiches Again?

It's back! Thanks for sending me the link, Paul! This is the commercial that gave us the idea for the name of our site. Short and quick.

Making Cucumber Sandwiches Part 1

Making Cucumber Sandwiches Part 2

Chicken Salad Finger Sandwich

Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich Song. This one is fun!

How about a Grilled Cheese Sandwich

Again, if you know of any more fun videos, add them using the form below.

Do You Have A Sandwich Video You Think is the Best?

Do you love taking videos of your food? Yes?! Well why not share videos of making your best sandwiches here! If you can make us and our visitors drool, you could be featured in an upcoming Sandwich Video of the Week!

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Kids Sandwich Video BrainyTunes 
Love this cute video! It's fun, both for kids and their parents. It's all about our favorite thing - Sandwiches!!! Starting with two slices …

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