Meat Sandwiches

When someone says sandwich, do you think of meat sandwiches? If you answered yes, you are probably in the majority. Most sandwiches include some type of meat filling between two slices of bread.

Whether it's a plain bologna sandwich, corned beef on rye, or that extra special Roast Beef au Jus sandwich, you can enjoy a variety of meats. What types of meats? Well the answer to that is limited only to your imagination (or should I say how long you're willing to wait).

Roast_Beef_Sandwich-Courtesy of quinn.anya

You can simply go to the deli and pick out an assortment of cold cuts for a quick and easy meal. You could head to the grocers and pick up a roast or steaks. Then fire up the grill or oven to cook them.

More time on your hands?

And if time isn't an issue, you could add corned beef to the crockpot or slow roaster. Once it's done, cool and slice for a juicy, tender corned beef sandwich.

It just depends on how much work you are willing to put into your perfect meat sandwich. It's all up to you. If you have a favorite restaurant that makes your favorite sandwich, then all the better.

Head over there or have them deliver. But if you're picky or want enough for seconds (or thirds,) cooking your own is the best way to go.

And don't forget ground meat. The ever popular sloppy joes or burgers are not to be forgotten. From beef to bison and whatever you can find in between, I'm sure the sky's the limit here, too.

The List

Here's a short list which we'll add to as we come up with more sandwiches you can really sink your teeth into.

  • deli sandwiches
  • ground meat sandwiches
  • beef sandwiches
  • corned beef sandwiches
  • liver sandwiches
  • steak sandwiches
  • burgers

So....was that enough to wet your appetite? If I hadn't just eaten dinner, I'd be searching around in the refrigerator for fixin's to make myself a great sandwich. Oh well, I suppose I can wait until tomorrow.

Have we forgotten something?

Do you have a suggestion for a sandwich that we've forgotten? Well, go ahead and add it to the list by filling in the form below. I'm sure all those late night tummy grumblies will thank you, (even if they have to put the meat in the crockpot and wait until tomorrow).

Your co-workers will envy the aroma coming from the break room toaster oven when you heat up your sandwich. And if your in the mood for a delicious chicken sandwich, click here.

What's Your Best Meat Sandwich Recipe?

Do you have a favorite Meat Sandwich Recipe? Is it your Best? Why not share it? Our visitors will try it. We'll all rate it to see who's recipe is best!

Go ahead and wow us. The best will rise to the top!

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