Fun Sandwich Books

Hi kids! Here are some fun sandwich books or should I say fun books about sandwiches. We've added some books that even big people will love. So mom, dad, auntie, uncle, grandma, and grandpa, you're welcome to read them as well.Most of these we found while looking for sandwich cookbooks. You can find them here. They have actual recipes and tips for making great sandwiches.

This list of books has something to do with bread and fillings and such. So have fun going through the list. And if you've come across a fun book about sandwiches, fill in the form below, to share them with us.

Sam's Sandwich by David Pelham

  • Sam's Sandwich by David Pelham
  • The Giant Jam Sandwich by John Vernon Lord with Janet Burroway
  • City Hall Sandwich by Annie Auerbach
  • The Curse of the Bologna Sandwich (Melvin Beederman, Superhero Series #1) by Greg Trine
  • Sandwich Bag Science: 25 Easy, Hands-on Activities That Teach key Concepts in Physical, Earth, and Life Sciences-and Meet the Science Standards by Steve Tomecek
  • Carla's Sandwich by Debbie Herman
  • Frankenstein Makes a Sandwich by Adam Rex
  • Clever Lunchbox Puzzles: fun Tear-Outs to Pack with Your Sandwiches by Steve Ryan
  • Smelly Feet Sandwich and Other Silly Poems by Allia Zobel Nolan
  • The Sandwich Swap by Queen Rania of Jordan Al Abdullah with Kelly Dipucchio
  • Honey Sandwich by Elizabeth Honey
  • The Curse of the Bologna Sandwich (Melvin Beederman Superhero) by Greg Trine
  • Super Sandwiches: Wrap 'em, Stack 'em, Stuff 'em by Rose Dunnington
  • Moon Sandwich Mom by Jennifer Richard Jacobson
  • Cat & Dog Make the Best, Biggest, Most Wonderful Cheese Sandwich (Fun & Fantasy Series by Kimberlee Graves
  • Another Dirt Sandwich: Some Rambling and Hilarious Exploits of Tbyrd Fearlessness by Ray Friesen
  • Mystery at the Club Sandwich by Doug Cushman
  • 1000 Silly Sandwiches by Alan Benjamin
  • Hamster and Cheese by Colleen AF Venable
  • Monsters eat whiny children Bruce Eric Kaplan
  • May'naise sandwiches & sunshine tea by Sandra Belton
  • Let's make a sandwich by Mary Hill
  • A Yummy lunch by Mercer Mayer
  • Piggy and Dad David Martin
  • Paddington's storybook Michael Bond
  • The Perils of the Peanut Butter Kid by Cynthia Kagan Frohlichstein

Hope you enjoy these fun books and hope you'll add your favorite books below. We can't wait to see the books you've found. And kids, if you are under 18, be sure and ask your parents to help you add your favorite book.

Now that you've read our list, what books about sandwiches have you come across? Share them with us by adding them to the form below.

Have You Read A Fun Sandwich Book Lately?

Have you read a Fun Sandwich Book lately? Share it with us! It can be a children's book or a teen/young adult book. Whatever it is, we'd like to read it.

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