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Poems About Sandwiches

peanutbutter sandwich

Ever read Poems About Sandwiches? I can't really say that I remember the last time I read a sandwich poem, have you?

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Sandwiches Again poem

Cartoon Sandwich Family

The Sandwiches Again poem is a corny; I mean fun poem about a family that loves sandwiches. It was fun to see what AI came up with. Hope you enjoy it, too!

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The Sandwich Family

Vintage Cookbook

The Sandwich Family is a chapter in the book Mrs. Allen on Cooking, Menus, Service by Ida C. Bailey Allen, published in 1924

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Vegan Sandwiches

Image by LORENA MENESES from Pixabay Vegan Sandwich

Vegan Sandwiches are just as flavorful and even more healthy than traditional processed meat sandwiches.

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Sandwich Videos

Here are some sandwich videos we're sure you'll have fun watching.

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wichcraft by Tom Colicchio

wichcraft by Tom Colicchio is one of my favorite cookbooks. The subtitle - Craft a Sandwich into a Meal--And a Meal into a Sandwich - is perfect!

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Whoopie Pie

Whoopie Pie if you don't know, are Amish chocolate cake-like cookie sandwiches with cream filling, an especially yummy treat.

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Sloppy Joeys

little boy

Sloppy Joeys are my version of a kids-sized sloppy joe. Delicious meat sauce on bite-sized rolls. The perfect size for little fingers!

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New York Goodwich

New York City

The New York Goodwich is a great vegetarian sandwich we found in Fit for Life by Harvey & Marilyn Diamond. For veggie sandwiches, look no further.

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Nut Sandwiches


These Nut Sandwiches are recipes from several old cookbooks - one, a precursor to Good Housekeeping's cookbook.

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Vintage Sandwiches


Want vintage sandwiches? Well these recipes come straight from Mrs Allen on Cooking, published in 1924.

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New York, NY - Ayza Wine & Chocolate Bar

Wine and chocolate are the soul of AYZA Wine & Chocolate Bar. As a premier wine bar, we offer selection and quality that would impress any wine lover.

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New York, NY - Orient Express Cocktail Bar

Orient Express Cocktail Bar - New York, NY 325 West 11th Street New York, NY 10014 Roasted Vegetable Flatbread: mushrooms, zucchini, tomatoes, red onion,

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Welcome to Pic-a-Sandwich-Poll! We're adding all of our polls in one place so they're easy to find. They'll open in a new window so you can easily come back and take another if you choose. Have fun!!!

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Chicago, IL - Norman's Bistro

Business Name: Norman's Bistro Business Address: 1001 E. 43rd. Street, Chicago, Illinois, 60653, United States Phone: (773) 966-5821 Website:

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West 3rd Common

Business Name:West 3rd Common Business Address: 1 W 3rd St New York, NY 10012 Business Phone: (212) 529-2059 West 3rd Common is a great Bar & Restaurant

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Sam's Sandwich

This was my daughter's favorite book when she was young, she is now 26. She sold it at a garage sale when she was a teenager and we would love to find

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New York, NY - West 3rd Common

West 3rd Common 1 W 3rd St New York, NY 10012 (212) 529-2059 Visit West 3rd Common to enjoy some of the best burgers in nyc,

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Indiana Sandwich Restaurants

You reached Indiana Sandwich Restaurants! Search through the listings to find your favorite Indiana restaurant and if you can't find them, tell them about it. The listing is free!

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Jupiter, FL - Equestrian Park Grill

****Calling all Sandwich Lovers in South Florida!**** EQUESTRIAN PARK GRILL 16891 Jupiter Farms Road Jupiter, Florida 33478 Tel: 561-748-9918

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Idaho Sandwich Restaurants

Here are Idaho Sandwich Restaurants. The place to find your favorite sandwich restaurant where you live. If you can't find your favorite, let them know about a FREE basic listing at Sandwiches Again?

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Hawaii Sandwich Restaurants

Searching for Hawaii Sandwich Restaurants? This is the place to find a great sandwich shop when you need it. Can't find one? Send them here to get a FREE listing in the coolest directory on the net!

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Georgia Sandwich Restaurants

Want Georgia Sandwich Restaurants? This is the place to find a great sandwich shop when you need it. Can't find one? Tell them they can get a FREE listing in the Best directory on the internet!

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Florida Sandwich Restaurants

Want to find Florida Sandwich Restaurants? This is THE place to find a great sandwich shop when you need it. Can't find one? Send them here to get a FREE listing in the coolest directory on the net!

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Delaware Sandwich Restaurants

Looking for Delaware Sandwich Restaurants? This is the place to find a great sandwich shop when you need it. Can't find one? Send them here to get a FREE listing in the coolest directory on the web!

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Colorado Sandwich Restaurants

You've found Colorado Sandwich Restaurants - the place to find the perfect sandwich shop when you need it. Can't find them? Then send them here to get a FREE listing in the best directory on the web!

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Connecticut Sandwich Restaurants

At Connecticut Sandwich Restaurants you'll find the perfect shop or deli when you want it. If you can't find them here, then send them here to get a FREE listing in the best directory on the web!

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How Do You Know When You Are A Sandwich-Lover?

You can complete the statement by clicking on the link below

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The Tea Sandwich Poll

Take the Tea Sandwich Poll to see which sandwich is the reigning favorite. If you're having a tea party, this is need to know information, don't you agree? Send your family & friends to take it, too!

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The Game Day Sandwich Poll

You've found the Game Day Sandwich Poll! What's your favorite sandwich to eat on Game Day? Is it the All-American hamburger or hotdog? Or something hot off the grill like salmon or tuna? Take the poll

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International Sandwich Restaurant Directory

Welcome to the International Sandwich Restaurant Directory! The place find your favorite sandwich restaurant, shop, or deli, anywhere in the world. So, when you need a sandwich now, check here first!

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Linked Listing

Want a Free Linked Listing in the International Sandwich Restaurant Directory at It's just the thing to promote your Sandwich Restaurant where ever you are.

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Basic Listing

Get a Free Basic Listing in the International Sandwich Restaurant Directory at Sandwiches Again?

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Top Ten Pages at Sandwiches Again?

Here are the Top Ten pages at The most popular pages on our site. Check them out and see if you agree. Share them with other sandwich lovers. Tweet them and Like them on FB!!

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