Grilled Cheese Sandwich

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A grilled cheese sandwich is probably one of the first sandwiches you learn to make as a kid. That along with peanut butter & jelly sandwiches are a staple in every kids diet. Even as a grown-up, you still like them, just fancied up a bit.

The Recipe

How to make one of these deliciously, melty, hot, grilled, sandwiches, is just as easy as it is to eat one.

Take two slices of bread, and place 1, 2, or 3 slices of cheese on one slice so that they cover the bread evenly. Place the other slice on top and spread with butter. Place buttered side down in preheated skillet. Butter other side while the other side is cooking on medium high heat.

Cook about a minute or two until golden brown. Using spatula, flip sandwich over and cook on the other side till golden brown. When the second side is done, place sandwich on plate, cut in half and watch as the yummy, melty, cheese oozes out. Eat carefully because it's hot!

Here are a couple of videos - the first from Kraft Cooking School that shows you how to make a simple sandwich and the second a sandwich with tomato chutney - YummY!

A grilled cheese and tomato sandwich is one of my favorites with an occasional slice of ham, turkey, or beef cold cuts. But all this being said, the cheese is what makes the sandwich. Whether you choose the All-American Cheese squares wrapped in the little plastic wrappers or Gourmet Pepper Jack cheese - your sandwich is as good as the cheese you use.

Most times I use whatever cheese I have on hand. And occasionally I will buy a cheese especially for a sandwich I intend to make. So go ahead. Try different cheeses, different breads, or a combination of both.

Personally, I'm not a white bread kind of person, but I will eat a home-style white bread sandwich most any day - especially the one that Nature's Pride makes. And I will also make an artisan white bread which I love. It's fresh and doesn't contain all the preservatives of store-bought breads.

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