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Most of us love eating sandwiches. Whether it's a traditional all-American burger or hot dog, or a fancy grilled portabella mushroom with barbecued red onions on toasted rye bread, you must admit that most of us love these quick, portable meals.

Even if you don't love a sandwich, you probably still eat them. For the most part, they're easy, portable, and quick. You can eat them on the run, which is a big advantage these days.

My favorite

One of my favorites is two or three slices of turkey on two slices of bread. No spread; no butter; no mayo, just bread and meat. Many times it's just one slice of bread folded in half with a couple slices of meat in between.

Take the short quiz below and if you can answer yes to at least four of them, then I'm sure you will agree – almost everyone loves a sandwich!

The Sandwich Quiz

1 – Do you eat a sandwich at least 4-5 times a week?
2 – Do you like having quick, portable meals?
3 – Do you usually eat a sandwich for lunch?
4 – Is the percentage of meals you eat that contain bread and some type of filling, 50% or more per month?
5 – Are you a sandwich lover?
6 – Do you panic when there's no bread in the cupboard?

(Click here to go to The Sandwich Quiz page to answer the questions and see how others answered them.)

Kids love them – simple is usually best. From the ever favorite pbj, to grilled cheese, tuna, chicken salad, or a fun wrap; a sandwich is the perfect snack! A quick, nutritious, (and did I say quick?), meal kids can even make themselves.

So come join the fun. You'll find recipes for old favorites, gourmet, tea party, vegetarian, hot and cold, grilled, panini, dessert, and open faced sandwiches. You name it – you can find it here!

More than a sandwich

And just to round out our site, we'll also add recipes for your favorite sides. Soups, salads, fries, smoothies, and the like. Whatever makes your favorite sandwich into a meal, we'll add it here.

We'll review sandwich makers and grills. And most of all we invite you to join in and add your favorite recipes, pictures, or the best sandwich restaurant in your area. Once you visit, you'll be hooked, so be sure and bookmark us so you can find us again.

Join us and you'll never be able to say, "sandwiches again?" Any sandwich can be a fulfilling and nutritious meal. So if you haven't tried one, be sure and try one today. And tell all your friends so they can join in the fun!

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