Sandwich Recipes by Nasya

Sandwich Recipes by Nasya

Quick, easy recipes for everyone!

Here you will find Nasya's favorite sandwich recipes. She loves quick and easy sandwiches she can put together after work. The quicker and easier, the better. She usually walks home and after lifting and shelving books all morning (she works at the library), she's worked up a pretty big appetite.

During the summer, we usually have plenty of fresh fruits, vegetables, and salad greens, on hand. She uses many of these healthy ingredients in the recipes you see here. If we don't have pocket bread, she may even whip up a quick batch of whole wheat flat bread to have available. We'll add the recipe for that here as well, if you're adventurous and would like to try it.

Fruit salads with yogurt dip or veggie sticks with sour cream, make these sandwiches into a meal. Add a smoothie and you have a refreshing summer meal, that's quick and easy. Easy enough for anyone!

Here's a list of Sandwich Recipes by Nasya:

Well there's the list. The first in many great sandwich recipes to come. She'll be sure to please your palate, your taste buds, or your appetite. So bring them all when you search through the list. We're sure you'll be glad you stopped by to try the newest sandwiches she has listed.

Some of them may be a bit out of the ordinary, as she does experiment with different ingredients. So you can either substitute more conventional items if you're not the adventurous type.

So stay tuned for more great recipes by Nasya. Be sure to bookmark this page, so that you will always know when we add new recipes. (Updating soon!)

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