Pork Sandwiches Part 1

Croque  Monsieur - French Ham and Cheese

Pork sandwiches are a favorite for most people. When you talk about all the different cuts of pork from ham to bacon to pork roast, no wonder this is the case.

Whether it's the ever popular BLT (bacon, lettuce, and tomato) sandwich, or the basic ham and swiss on rye, not many can resist these delicious sandwiches. What's your favorite?

Pulled Pork, or BBQ Pork for a sandwich? A Cuban, Monte Cristo, hot dog, or sausage sandwich? These sandwiches have one thing in common. They're all made from some type of pork.

Many don't consider the cured, processed, or smoked types of pork as being in the same category. But to make things simpler, we will add them all here. These would include bacon, ham, pancetta, or prosciutto. Pork is also usually a main ingredient in hot dogs and sausage, such as the chorizo and salami.

You've probably figured this out by now, the better the pork, the better the sandwich or meal. Whatever cut of pork you get, there are a few precautions and rules you need to follow.

Pork Cooking Tips

  • Cook pork thoroughly – to at least 137 degrees
    1. (the meat must be white or grayish, with no trace of pink – even in the center close to the bone)
  • Juices will run clear when cooked thoroughly
  • Never, ever taste raw pork in any form
  • Wash hands thoroughly after handling pork, including bacon or sausage
  • Wash any utensils and cutting surface used to prepare pork after using

Slow cooking is, by far, the best method for cooking pork. It is generally cooked from 30 to 45 minutes per pound. If your recipe is for a rolled or stuffed roast, this will take longer per pound.

If you use a meat thermometer, the following cuts should be cooked to an internal temperature of 170°:

  • center cut
  • rib cut
  • loin end
  • blade or shoulder end

Want to find out a little more about pork as well as a list of sandwich recipes? Click here.

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