Sandwiches Again Poem 

Sandwiches Again Poem #1

This Sandwiches Again poem, is a collaboration of sorts. We thought it might be fun to see what AI could come up with in the way of fun poems about sandwiches. The first one needed a bit of editing, however, it wasn't too bad. You can let us know if you agree in the comment form below.

Sandwiches Again...?

Cartoon Sandwich Family

In the village of Whimsy Bay,
Lived a peculiar family named Gray,
An obsession they had, simple and plain,
Every meal, 'twas sandwiches again.

Mom, Dad, Sue, and young boy Ben,
Shared a love, unspoken around the glen,
Bread, cheese, any fillings then,
Could be found at their table, "Sandwiches Again...?"

With mustard and mayo, lettuce piled high,
Salami or ham, oh, the types they'd try!
Pa's sandwich stack was mightier than Big Ben,
Rolling his eyes, he'd say, "Sandwiches Again...?"

Mom's grilled cheese, was such a delight,

While Sue's veggie wrap, a crisp crunchy bite,
Young Ben, oh, his tastes were Zen,
Smiling, he'd exclaim, "Sandwiches Again...?"

Even their cat, dear old Mrs. Fluff,
Couldn't ever seem to get enough,
Turkey and tuna, straight from the can,
Purring and licking, "Sandwiches Again...?"

The world may have their steak, pasta, and hen,
But for the Grays, it was about the when,
Sitting together, in the kitchen or the den,
Sharing their joy of "Sandwiches Again...?"

Call it peculiar, call it mundane,
But their love for sandwiches shall never wane,
To each his own, so let it be then,
The chant of the Grays, "Sandwiches Again...?"

Choose Your Favorite :)

How was that? Corny, I know -- what can you expect with AI, ha ha! I have to admit it was fun though. The first draft needed a little work to get it to read smoothly. And I couldn't remove all the corniness -- where's the fun in that?

We tried it a second time, and asked it to write a ballad, which you will find near the bottom of this page. Let us know which one you liked the best by leaving a comment in the form below. Better yet, see if you can come up with an even better one. We'd love to read your sandwiches again poem, (even if you totally wrote it yourself).

Sandwiches Again Poem #2

The Ballad of Sandwiches Again...?

(Verse 1)
In a quaint little town known as Dale,
Lived the Connor family, hearty and hale.
With a strange little quirk that lit up their den,
Always, for dinner, it was sandwiches again.

There was pa, with his mustache so trim,
And mother, whose smile was never dim.
Twins, Tim and Tom, a mischievous pair,
And Granny, with silver in her hair.

Oh, sandwiches again, they'd cheer so loud,
From the kitchen spread an aromatic cloud.
To the world, it might seem like bread, ham, and grain,
But to the Connors, it was love - oh, sandwiches again.

(Verse 2)
From the break of dawn till the night,
Their little kitchen was bathed in light,
Table laid with bread and fillings of every kind,
To this ritual, they were passionately ‘twined.

Pa loved ham with a splash of mustard,
While Ma’s turkey club was always lustered.
Tom savored the taste of salami,
While Tim’s peanut butter and jelly was his 'ami'.

Oh, sandwiches again, a heavenly delight,
In each bite, their bonds seemed so right.
A family tradition, through sunshine and rain,
In laughter and tears, it was sandwiches again.

(Verse 3)
Then came a day when Granny said,
''Why don't we have steak instead!''
A shocked silence fell over the feasting crew,
"No, Granny," they cried, "this can't be true!"

They loved their bread, stacked high and neat,
Every evening, it was their favorite treat.
A thesis they could write, a ballad they could pen,
On the joy and warmth of sandwiches again.

Oh, sandwiches again, caused their hearts to beat,
Composing a symphony that was so sweet.
Not royalty or riches, nor high domain,
Just the simple beauty of sandwiches again.

In Dale, they’re a legend as the story's spread,
Of the family that in sandwiches, found their thread.
From dawn to dusk, amidst joy or pain,
They found love, yes indeed, in sandwiches again.

Okay, now we need some music to go with that last one. It was a little weird and funny, and definitely corny. We'd love to hear your thoughts -- loved it? Hated it? Well, we couldn't help it. We had to try one more. This one was really fun and I think it's our favorite so far. What do you think?

Sandwiches Again Poem #3

Ode to Sandwiches

Sandwich w Colored Pencils

Ode to the mighty Sandwich, your majesty, we raise,
Heralding your sumptuous glory, a creation, worthy of praise.
Oh humble bread, so soft, so firm, acting as a steadfast knight,
Embracing ingredients within your tender grip, oh what a delight.

Ham, turkey, salami, layered high towards the sky,
Cheese so melted and divine, even angels sigh.
Mayonnaise and mustard, an illustrious sea,
Tangy pickles and crisp lettuce, our taste buds dance with glee.

The charm of your simplicity, on lazy days and nights,

Fuss-free yet delicious, solving all meal-time fights.
Perfect on a picnic, a beacon at a beach,
You're our favorite morsel, always within easy reach, 

Whether grilled to perfection, or consumed in natural form,
You're always there, our comfort food, through calm and storm.
Peanut butter & jelly, tuna, or BLT,
Each unique and brilliant, a harmony of ecstasy.

Ode to you, dear Sandwich, you deserve the honor and crown,
Every bite a sonnet, a cure to every frown.
From first meal of the day, to the final midnight feast,
Sandwich, oh sandwich, you truly are a beast.

Fingers easily wrap around your handy form,
A multitude of textures, wonderfully warm.
A world in a meal, an anthology of taste,
Dear Sandwich, without you, life would be a waste.

Your legend is ageless, from the Earl to today,
A solace in our hurried lives, from hearts you'll never stray.
An ode to you, our champion, our solace, our kin,
Here's to a life, sandwich-filled, layered thick and thin.

So here's to the Sandwich, our trusty, tasty friend,
A meal, a snack, a delight, on which we can depend.
Honor be unto you, with joyous appetite,
Sandwich, our Sandwich, you are our knight.

Sooo, Which One is Your Favorite?

Yesss! Ode to Sandwiches is our favorite so far! We hope you enjoyed these as much as we enjoyed coming up with the ideas. And of course we'd love it if you shared them on social media with all of your sandwich loving family members and friends. 

And don't forget to check out our new sandwich coloring book to the right.

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