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The Tea Sandwich Poll is here at last! You can finally take the poll and let everyone know which sandwiches are the most popular. You can even use the results as research for your next tea party. It will be a definite hit when you add everyone's favorites to your menu.

What is the most popular tea sandwich? Is it cucumber or egg salad? Is it chicken salad or cream cheese? The results are anybody's guess. We won't know until YOU take the poll. So use the form below to fill in your answers and add your vote to those already entered.

We'll add a table to update you on the results as they come in.

My Favorite Tea Sandwich is...

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Now that you've taken the poll and seen the results so far, what do you think? Are they what you expected? Tea parties are so much fun. No matter what kind of sandwich you decide to serve, I'm sure yours will be a huge success.

If you need a few tea sandwich recipes, check out this page. If you like sandwich spreads, click here. Another possibility for tea would be dessert sandwiches. You can even try the list of sandwich cookbooks to find books with more recipes and party planning tips.

And again, don't underestimate the power of a poll. Go now and send your family and all of your friends to take this fun poll, then check back to see the results as they come in. You may be surprised at what you find when they do.

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